"The team at Marshall Plumbing has been great to work with.  We received excellent service from everyone at Marshall Plumbing: Amanda at the office cheerfully answered our calls and emails, owner Terry and his apprentice Silas  did quick and professional work during installation, and, most of all, Nick who lead us through the entire project from our first meeting to discuss heating options, to checking and re-checking the system once it was installed to ensure we were fully satisfied as customers!" E. Parker

Did you know?

Scheduled Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs:   The average furnace or boiler in BC operates for over 1500 hours a year.To put this in perspective, if you drove your car for 1500 hours at a constant speed of 50 km/h, you would travel for 75,000 km. And what would you expect to happen if you tried to drive your car for 75,000 km without performing any maintenance? You would expect to find yourself stranded on the side of the road! 
Like a car, a heating system has many parts that gradually wear out, suffer from build up of dirt and grime, and require lubrication or adjustment. Since so many home owners do not perform regular maintenance, it's no wonder why so many find their system breaking down year after year. Read An Ounce of Prevention here.

There are ways to control plumbing costs: The vast majority of homeowners will have numerous plumbing projects throughout their home over time and the services of an experienced plumber is highly valuable. The fact is – even those with some plumbing skills – have to call a plumber occasionally, so here are five ways to control plumbing costs. read Ways to Control Plumbing Costs here...

Reasons to tune up your heating system: Take care of your furnace between winters...it will reduce break downs during the winter, when  you may have to wait for service... 9 out of 10 heating & air conditioning system breakdowns are caused by dirt and dust. Reasons for  Tune - Up  here... 

Our Scheduled Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs includes everything that is necessary to keep your system operates at its optimal energy efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness for the rest of the year.   To schedule a tune up, call 250.585.2021 or 250.954.1180 or email us !

City of Nanaimo Woodstove Changeout program:  Trade in your old smoky belcher for a new EPA or CSA certified CLEAN BURN technology WOOD, PELLET, GAS stove or insert...AND  Marshall Plumbing Ltd can do the install for you! Click hereto find out more about City of Nanaimo rebates. 

A few things to consider when renovating: Whether you are getting a loan or paying cash, you need to work out how much your project is going to cost …before you start. Be aware of city regulations. Find out everything you can before you arrange the tradespeople. For example: If your home is heritage listed you will need to meet strict regulations. Contact your local city office to check on local bylaws. Read more on Things to Consider When Renovating here.
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