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" Marshall Plumbing Ltd has taken care of my plumbing and heating needs for over past 15 years. Their plumbers have installed a basement bathroom in one residence, a shower in a second and continue to provide maintenance of my gas fireplace."   L Sutton 

 We use CSA approved parts, fixtures, faucets, hot water tanks, toilets and more.
When booked for an appointment the plumber will bring with him the desired product and remove the discarded product for recycling. Email or call today for pricing on everything from shut - off valves to hot water tanks.

Rinnai and Navien Tankless Water Heaters
  Tankless…an new way to think about water heating. An endless supply of hot water, whenever you need it—even for multiple tasks at the same time. Tankless water heaters revolutionize comfort, energy efficiency and convenience. Marshall Plumbing Ltd. is a dealer and qualified service representative for Rinnai and Navien tankless water heaters. You benefit from installing a tankless water heater: unlimited hot water, therefore NO more waiting between showers; over 90% efficient ... saving an average of $160/year; environmentally friendly producing less greenhouse gas.   Click here to a read a Nanaimo couple's Rinnai story!

Solar Hot Water  Solar hot water utilizes energy from the sun to preheat water that is then stored in a holding or hot water tank ready for use. Solar hot water can meet most or all of your needs depending on the size and system design as well as the geographical location. Systems can be simple or complex, but all involve:  a solar collector, storage hot water tank , back up water heating - electric or gas and for some systems, a pump. Once installed, you"ll enjoy the benefits of: an annual return on investment: 15% - 18%;  use of the sun as the main energy source over fossil fuels; reliable ...  only one moving part - low maintenance.   
Conematic Heating Systems Marshall Plumbing Ltd. is a qualified dealer for Conematic Heating Systems In alliance with the "Southern Alberta Institute of Technology", Conematic Boilers are designed, developed and manufactured in Calgary, Alberta.  The Hybritherm Technology is a hybrid solution that combines the world's best water and space heating technologies into one system, managing them to their optimum potential. This single gas burning boiler can intelligently manage three separate applications at once.The Hybritherm advantagelower energy bills equals a savings of up to 35% per month; increased system lifespan with this reliable system's historically proven technology; greenhouse gas reduction - 1.5 tonnes reduced per appliance per year!  

Viessmann Boilers  Well proven German engineered, Viessman boilers have been used in Europe for decades providing a dependable, low maintenance choice for heating water, radiant heating, residential or commercial. Boilers are available in gas, electric or solar energy. Contact us and speak with one of our qualified staff about making the choice that is right for you and your home. 
Jandy Pool Boilers
Marshall Plumbing Ltd. is the mid Island service representative for Jandy pool heaters. These heaters are built for dependability and efficiency, they are one of the most reliable heaters on the market. From the copper heat exchanger, programmable pump control, dual temperature control to the built in freeze protection and easy maintenance, these heaters can lower your operating costs and extend your swimming season. Marshall Plumbing Ltd. is confident in recommending this product to our customers.

Bio Clean - Nature's Drain Cleaner 
What is Bio Clean?  It is an environmentally safe, water activated, powerful combination of natural enzymes and bacteria that digest and clear away the grease, hair, food particles, paper and sewage that create the sludge and blockages in your drains and septic systems. There are no harsh chemicals involved so there is no damage to your drains or fixtures. Safe for use around children and pets as it is 100% non toxic. 100% money-back guaranteed. Ask us about its many uses! 
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