“I have always found Marshall Plumbing to be very reliable. The repairs were done quickly and the staff is very friendly.” Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre.

  There are many options for heating your home. Call and speak with one of our qualified employees to discuss the best solution for you and your home.  Marshall Plumbing Ltd. is here for you when you need help with: radiant floor heating- design, installation, service or repair; furnaces - installation, service or repair; gas fireplaces - installation, service or repair; solar heating

Hot Water Heating  (hydronic heating)  is a popular and effective method of heating your home and for uses such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. Heating hot water accounts for up to 30% of the average homes energy bill. This makes producing hot water the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the home. Installing water heating will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your cost to produce hot water by up to 75%. The amount of energy required to heat water and in general water heating services can vary enormously. Individual habits, the conditions in each house and technical equipment make all the difference. We take this into account and customize a water heating solution based on your needs and patterns of use.
Conematic Heating Systems     The Hybritherm Advantages:The Hybritherm Technology is a hybrid solution that combines the world's best water and space heating technologies into one system, managing them to their optimum potential. This single gas burning boiler can intelligently manage three separate applications at once. It is easy to install and can heat your home and hot water simultaneously, resulting in savings of up to 35% per month, and greenhouse gas reduction.
 Viessmann Boiler  Well proven German engineered boilers used in Europe for decades providing a dependable, low maintenance choice for heating water, radiant heating, residential or commercial. Boilers are available in gas, electric or solar energy. Contact us and speak with one of our qualified staff about making the choice that is right for you and your home.

Jandy Pool Boilers  Marshall Plumbing Ltd. is the mid Island service representative for Jandy pool heaters. Jandy Pool Heaters  are built for dependability and efficiency, they are one of the most reliable heaters on the market. From the copper heat exchanger, programmable pump control, dual temperature control to the built in freeze protection and easy maintenance, these heaters can lower your operating costs and extend your swimming season. Marshall Plumbing Ltd. is confident in recommending this product to our customers.

 In-floor Heating At Marshall Plumbing Ltd, we  specialize in installing and maintaining hydronic radiant floor heating systems. Did you know that more than 50% of all new construction in Europe is heated using underfloor radiant heat? A very large majority of residential and commercial buildings use radiant heat, whether it is underfloor or not. In cold countries like Norway or Sweden, it is the most popular heating method and is now becoming well known all over Vancouver Island.

Radiant heat is by far the most comfortable form of heat, since (like the rays of the sun)it heats objects rather than air. The h eat radiates to your body and you feel warm and comfortable. Unlike conventional heat, floors (rather than ceilings) are the warmest part of the room, so that you have warm feet and a cool head.
Plus, radiant heat is more efficient and will save 20-40% of the cost of heating with conventional methods; it warms your body rather than the air, and you feel comfortable at a lower temperature. The systems operate without any noise or sound, and no drafts or air movement so dust and germs aren't spread around.

Scheduled Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs The average furnace or boiler in BC operates for over 1500 hours a year. To put this in perspective, if you drove your car for 1500 hours at a constant speed of 50km/h, you would travel for 75,000km. And what would you expect to happen if you tried to drive your car for 75,000 km without performing any maintenance? You would expect to find yourself stranded on the side of the road!   Like a car, a heating system has many parts that gradually wear out, suffer from build up of dirt and grime, and require lubrication or adjustment. Since so many home owners do not perform regular maintenance, it's no wonder why so many find their system breaking down year after year.

There are many
reasons to tune up your heating system. Taking care of your furnace between winters decreases the chances that it will break down during the winter, when heating companies are booked solid and it is difficult to get service. One study estimated that 9 out of 10 heating & air conditioning system breakdowns are caused by dirt and dust. Heating system repairs can often be very costly and inconvenient, but most of them can be prevented just by keeping your system clean! Here are a few more Reasons to Tune up Your Heating System.

Our Scheduled Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs includes everything that is necessary to ensure that your system operates at its optimal energy efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness for the rest of the year. To schedule a tune up, call 250.585.2021
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