"As a senior, I am so glad that I found Marshall Plumbing. For big jobs or small jobs they are here promptly and do the job efficiently and conscientiously. All their personnel are kind and helpful, and take the extra step to ensure that I am happy. I won't go anywhere else." J French  

Marshall Plumbing Ltd can help you with all your plumbing needs, large  and small.  Plumbing can be confusing and time consuming. And a leak can cause untold damage to your home if not stopped quickly. We can: repair or replace slow toilets, drippy showers, and leaking faucets; install or repair split water lines and replace old water lines for new; install and repair well  and sump pumps; install and service garburators.  When you notice a plumbing problem and you need a professional plumber quickly, call Marshall Plumbing Ltd! 
 Shut-off valves:  Usually newer homes with a public water supply will have an emergency water shut-off in addition to the utility company shutoff. The utility company shutoff is normally co-located with the meter near the street. The residence valve may be a faucet handle (remember - “righty tighty, lefty loosey”) or a blade valve, often on the outside inlet pipe (aligned with pipe = ON: across pipe = OFF). sometimes inset into an interior garage wall or maybe in a closet.The interior water shut offs are usually in the corner of the house nearest the outside water shutoff at the meter. It's important for everyone in your home where the shut-offs are located and know HOW to turn them off in an emergency.

Pressure relief valves:  When water is heated, pressure builds up in your hot water tank. If this pressure is too great, a rupture could occur. A pressure-relief valve serves as a check valve to automatically open and relieve the pressure. Most water heaters now come with one, but if yours doesn't call us to install one. Check out this video of an exploding hot water tank!

 Outdoor frost-free hose bibbs:  Frost-free faucets (otherwise known as hose bibbs) are plumbing valves that are installed on the exterior of a home. They permit a standard water hose connection so a homeowner can obtain water for various uses in his yard. Frost-free faucets are designed to eliminate the risk of water freezing in the pipe during the winter, bursting the pipe upon thawing and causing water damage in the adjacent area. Because such damage was once prevalent, frost-free faucets are now mandated by most building codes.

 Water pressure reducing valve:   Water pressure reducing valves are used to protect against the effects of high water main pressures. Municipal and private water supply companies use pumps and pumping stations to boost water supply pressure to supply water for fire fighting, to overcome loss of pressure as the elevation increases in high rise buildings. Pressure in water supply mains can exceed 200psi.  Most plumbing codes require water pressure reducing valves on domestic systems where the municipal water main’s pressure exceeds 80psi. Higher pressures could rupture pipes, damage fixtures, and injure the people using them.
 Looking for something different or unusual? We can source, supply and install any parts you need.
Speak to us about switching to low flush toilets and incentives or rebates that are available in your area.
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